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"dog training is not about dogs, it's about people.' Laura V

The psychology of animals continues to trail behind the psychological understanding of humans.  And although there is new and fascinating canine research being conducted, understanding how humans think is just as important when it comes to understanding how to train a dog. 

I remember starting out as a canine trainer over ten years ago. It was interesting to visit peoples' homes, to meet their dogs; but just as interesting observing the behaviours of the owners. Over the course of a decade, I have collected and summarised countless pointers to help dog owners get the best out of their dogs, as well as themselves.


Some things worth noting as a dog owner are;

- we are in control of our dogs existence their entire lives. They never grow up like children do, so it is critical that owners respect how to think from their dog's perspective. 

- understand what makes your dog tick

-- discover what they love

- respect what they don't like 

- set them up to succeed not fail 

- focus on the relationship between the two of you, not what your dog can do for you. Good relationships are invariably mutually cooperative.  

Some of my most valued concepts in training are; 

The C- Words

- noting whenever your dog is calm/cooperating/controlling their impulses. It doesnt matter how small this little win is, reinforce it heavily and you will find these mind sets and behaviours start to appear much more often.


- be Consistent/ Patient and Respectful 

Every wonderful relationship holds these as the hallmark of their success. The relationship with your dog is no different. 

If you want some continuous support, check out my books and have a read of my blogs. There is a new blog each month. 

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