Puppy Pre School is a 4 week program that gives you the skills you need to teach your dog the basics. 

We go through everything from;




leave it


positive socialisation

walking on lead 

stay and wait

We also focus on understanding dog body language and how to set your puppy up for success.

It is critical that puppy owners also get to know their puppys' personalities; what they like, dislike, what they are unsure of and what they enjoy the most. This gives owners insight into understanding how to motivate and reward their puppy, and how to get the very best out of their relationship together.  

Laura is a passionate educator and ensures your sessions are comprehensive, fun and full of invaluable lessons. 

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Classes are held weekly on Thursday evenings at

Ringwood East Vet Care https://www.ringwoodeastvetcare.com.au/

To book call: ​03 9879 2803

COST: $270 for the 4 weeks. 

Extensions are available for additional 4 weeks at the same cost. This allows you to consolidate all that you have learnt in a supportive and fun environment.