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There are many accomplishments Laura can reflect on, with her career. But, like many young women, Laura struggled to find her voice at a young age. 

Losing her father and only male role-model at the age of 11, Laura's sensitive and introverted personality often made it difficult to feel secure and worthy. It is a common trait amongst young girls to be unsure of themselves, which was highlighted when Laura became a school teacher herself. 

From meeting students who obsessively weighed themselves each morning, declined lunch, and even learnt how to stand in photos so that they appeared thinner, Laura saw in her students what she had once felt and been exposed to with her peers. 

There is extraordinary pressure on girls, where the majority of it is unachievable. The pressure comes from every side of society, but much of it comes from within. 

Laura talks to young women of all ages about her struggles to speak out, to find her assertiveness, and how she found success in her field, after finally asking herself one of the most important questions: 'Why Not Me?'

Laura is a best selling 3 - time published author, broadcaster and podcaster. She is the go-to expert for all TV news programs on animal behaviour and has several degrees including a Bachelor of Archaeology, Science, P.Grad Education and P.Grad Psychology at Monash and Yale. She is also the co-founder and Director of two successful Medical Clinics and teaches science three days a week.

Laura speaks regularly to groups of all ages and genders, on asking the important questions, in a safe and supportive environment. It is powerful to witness participants learn about themselves and their inner power through these workshops.

This session runs for 1 hour and is most suitable for School groups from Grade 5 - Year 12. 

The session can be tailored as an inclusive experience for all audiences. It is designed to empower any one who is receptive to positive change. 

COST: $800 for a whole day (4 x 1 hour sessions)

          $600 for a half day (2 x 1 hour sessions)

Travel costs to regional and interstate locations apply. 

Contact for more information.