Writing about what you love; what you are passionate about, is such a privilege. I have been fortunate to have written three successful books with Penguin Random House, and continue to create content in the form of blogs and new books to become available in the near future. 

If you have a burning question, please check out my blog. I am hopeful that they will help answer your burning questions. If you require more practical help, grab a book. On occasion, I offer private sessions, so check out my training page too!

All my books contain everything that I believe in, when it comes to having the best possible relationship with your pet. From the philosophy of dog training, to the evidence-based psychology of why dogs and humans do what they do; and most importantly... how to make change for the greater good. 

Remember, dog training has very little to do with dogs. What an opportunity it is to help change the behaviour of your dog, by improving your own behaviours! Helping your dog, makes you a better person. 

I hope you enjoy my books. 

Laura V xx