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Laura V

B.A Grad Dip Ed  Grad Dip Psych  Veterinary Behaviour Medicine  NDTF

Dogs. What can I say? They are the embodiment of all the good stuff. 

They are loyal, forgiving, open hearted, optimistic, loving and oh so genuine. 

They are also experts at tugging our heart strings, and some believe that dogs actually domesticated themselves so that we would look after them. Well, if this is true; what an honour it is! I am endlessly grateful for the privilege of truly and deeply loving a dog. 

We don't deserve them. But, I'm working on it. 

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My Story

My name is Laura Vissaritis. I am an animal behaviourist, working to change not so much our dogs' behaviour, but our own behaviour. I have been working in this field for the past 15 years, and all along, I have claimed that dog training is not about dogs, it is about people. In all these years, I have never been wrong. 

I have worked at Zoos Victoria for ten years, studied many qualifications including Psychology, Education, Canine Behaviour and Training and Veterinary Behaviour Medicine. But, at the end of the day, I am just one person, who wants to make a difference for dogs. 

Life for me as a child was pretty simple. I grew up on a little farm just out of Melbourne. We had horses, and most of my days were consumed by them, which was always pretty special. My mum was heavily into showing, though my sister and I were more tag-alongs. But we still loved the early mornings and the occasional ribbon to drive the long and windy roads back home with. 

Dogs were a constant in my upbringing. That's the thing about dogs, they are always there. Always! 

I am endlessly grateful to dogs, who have healed and cared for me through times of grief and pain, but also through times of tremendous joy and love. 

When I met Chester in 2009, I promised him that I would always care for him. But not how dogs had been 'cared' for as I knew it. I promised him I would make every sacrifice I had to, to keep him safe. That I would work hard to feed his belly with the most nutritious food I could buy, that I would learn everything there was to learn about dogs to understand him. And I promised that I would dedicate the rest of my time on this earth to making life better for dogs. 

So here we are. Please enjoy my books, blogs, radio programs and TV shows. I will never stop fighting for dogs. Not untiI I am sure we deserve them. And yes, I believe we have a long way to go. 

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